Customer journey: what it is and why it is important to analyze it

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  • Customer journey: what it is and why it is important to analyze it
Customer journey: what it is and why it is important to analyse it

How to engage a user and accompany them on the journey to becoming a customer? The Customer Journey teaches us. Read the article and learn how to turn leads into customers.

What is the Customer Journey

The translation of Customer Journey is customer journeyor the journey a user takes to become a customer through a series of interactions aimed at offering them the best consumer experiencewith the aim of increasing the company's sales.

A strategic mapping of the Customer Journey allows the company to make the customer feel at the centre, to identify his or her possible doubts, fears and obstacles he or she might encounter along the way so as to finding solutions to eliminate them and do so arrive at the purchase satisfied and confident that you have made the best choice.

Why it is important to create a Customer Journey Map

Compared to the past, the user has changed the way of approaching brands and, in its path to purchase, has the opportunity to interact through different channels:

Digital: websites, social networks, SEO, ave, email marketing, podcasts
Physicists: TV, public relations, flyers, business cards, call centres, live chat, chat bots, blogs
Managed by companies: landing pages, advertising campaigns, newsletters
Managed by others: reviews, blogs, opinions on the net, word of mouth

Increasingly bombarded by new digital and non-digital systems, therefore, he may run the risk of getting lost and wandering around disoriented without ever making a decision. This is why theCustomer Journey analysis is fundamental.

With the creation of a Customer Journey MapIt is then possible to direct the user in his or her decision, take care of the design of the website and social pages, and modulate interactions to enhance the user's experience with the brand.

The 5 Stages of the Customer Journey

The Customer Journey consists of five touchpoints representing the stages of interaction between the user and the brand.

  1. Awareness => Awareness
    The customer has the first approach through different channels that can be web or social and takes consciousness of having a need that could be satisfied by a specific product or service.
  2. Consideration => Consideration
    Having achieved awareness, the user starts a search aimed at compare different products available on the market to find the best solution to meet its need. During this phase, the tendency is to evaluate different brands and, above all, to search for reviews and opinions who can help him make the best choice.
  3. Intention => Intention
    After comparing several brands, the customer starts to provide concrete orientation of choice towards a specific brand and to carry out more targeted research in this direction. It is precisely at this stage that one might start to consider the possibility of interact directly with the brand favourite.
  4. Decision => Decision
    Once the search has been refined and all the necessary information has been gathered, the customer makes his choice who, in the event of a purchase, will be oriented not only towards the brand but towards the best product or service to fully satisfy its need.
  5. Loyalty => Loyalisation
    The Customer Journey does not stop at buying but advances to a phase is very important for two good reasons.
    - The first is linked to the customerIn fact, it is essential that the user is satisfied with the product and service they have purchased, that they continue to feel cared for by the brand and never left to their own devices. A satisfactory User Experience, in fact, could lead the customer to repeat purchase and to place the brand as first choice in case of future needs.
    - The second is customer-relatedIn fact, a satisfied customer of the brand will certainly speak well of it to acquaintances and family members, not only that, he/she may be encouraged to provide good reviews online and offline useful to inviting new users in the choice of brand.

The Customer Journey Map is a very important tool for guide users in their choices and help them opt for a specific brand instead of another, to offer them aemotional experience and unique with the brand and for ensure their loyalty over time.

In the next articles I will explain how to design an effective Customer Journey Map; in the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts, questions or would like to request a free consultation.